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Business Consulting and Leadership Services


Empowering Leadership™

You have the power to design your own experiences in business and in life.  Are you ready to step into your power and lead?

Be Powerful


Teams and Culture

Great teams can be formed, trained, empowered, and led to great results.  Align your vision with your team by getting buy-in.

Be Aligned


Get Buy-In™

When people “buy-in,” they buy you first, then your organization, your product or service, and your vision.  Without buy-in, you will fail.

Be Agreeable



Identify the job and people’s fit.  Select the best talent, develop, and coach them.  Know yourself and team to communicate well.

Be Yourself


  • Melanie Winter

    Brett has such a way of being able to connect with people and create a really safe environment… he’s not afraid to get in there and push people’s buttons but in a way that’s so validating that you feel really good the whole time, even if you’re digging into stuff that’s emotionally charged.

    Karl Storz Endoscopic America
  • Sybil Henry

    Immediately, I knew that I was in the presence of an expert. The way Brett delivers the material makes it easier for me to really understand it, to lean in and want to hear more and learn more. He creates buy-in in the way he presents.

    The Style Concierge
  • Jason Haffley

    One of the things that’s very apparent about Brett is not only is he very passionate about what he does, but he’s also very knowledgeable in the space. You can tell he’s dedicated a lifetime to learning.

    One Ninth Media