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When people “buy-in” they buy you first, then your organization, then your product, service, or vision

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Want Greater Results From Your Team?

Manager and leaders who aren’t getting the results they’re striving for think the problem is with their team…but it’s not.

You can learn how to turn your business around and build a stronger team, and a better organization when you learn how to get buy-in collaboratively.

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  • Melanie Winter

    Brett has such a way of being able to connect with people and create a really safe environment… he’s not afraid to get in there and push people’s buttons but in a way that’s so validating that you feel really good the whole time, even if you’re digging into stuff that’s emotionally charged.

    Melanie Winter
    Karl Storz Endoscopic America
  • Sybil Henry

    Immediately, I knew that I was in the presence of an expert. The way Brett delivers the material makes it easier for me to really understand it, to lean in and want to hear more and learn more. He creates buy-in in the way he presents.

    Sybil Henry
    The Style Concierge
  • Jason Haffley

    One of the things that’s very apparent about Brett is not only is he very passionate about what he does, but he’s also very knowledgeable in the space. You can tell he’s dedicated a lifetime to learning.

    Jason Haffley
    One Ninth Media
  • Thank you for your information-packed session at the conference.  For me, it was the best session of the conference for a number of reasons: tangible, specific information, no hype-just the real thing, and your authentic, professional delivery.
    Bette Price
    The Price Group
  • Of all the seminars that the Studio has offered over the years I think the ones that you have conducted have been the most helpful to me, in both my everyday work life and in also helping me in my personal life challenges.
    Merrilee Griffin, Manager Studio Prints
    Universal Studios
  • I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I thought it went great and we are getting SO much good feedback – actually much better than I anticipated and from people that I didn’t anticipate hearing from. So that is great – people really got into it and are still talking about it today. And now their bosses have been calling and asking a lot of questions which has started a lot of conversation. I thought it was a great day. Thank you again so much!
    VP Human Resources
    The WB Television Network (now CW Network)
  • Watching Brett present was fun and the “buy-in” information was enlightening.  Now I feel like I know what to do and expect when I am invited into an organization to discuss consulting possibilities.  I am no longer as anxious about having to make a presentation.  Thanks!
    Revel Miller, PhD
    Revel Miller Consulting
  • Thank you so much for presenting at yesterday’s meeting.  It was a pleasure to have you with us sharing your insights and messages on how to get employees to ‘buy in’ to coaching.  The evaluation ratings on your presentation were absolutely glowing.  Everyone enjoyed your energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of your topic myself included.  The audience really enjoyed the interactive nature of your presentation.
    Vicki Sloan, Program Chair
    Santa Barbara HR Association
  • I think that it was a terrific presentation. Not only did I gain from it but I am sure that most if not all of the audience went away with a lot of value.” (Regarding "Getting Buy-In speech" by Brett Miles)
    Richard Orkand
  • This has been the best experience of my life.
    Greg Morrell, Managing Principal
    Lee & Associates (Commercial Real Estate)
  • As our Acting National Sales Manager, you set a new standard for leading our sales team and helping us create a ‘sales culture.’ 
    Catherine Crow, Director HR
    Edison Source (Utility)
  • So many thanks to you, Brett! What an incredible experience this was for me! Your private coaching was so insightful and inspiring, I am still energized by it.
    Senior Manager
    Universal Studios
  • Your sales training got right to the heart of the problem. Our sales people now know how to establish trust, ask questions, recommend solutions, and close.  
    Fasha Majhoor, President
    Phenomenex, Inc., (Liquid Chromatography)
  • The most valuable aspect of Brett’s training was how it helped everyone to learn how to listen and turn customer’s problems into opportunities and ultimately sales.”
    David Pfeiffer, National Sales and Marketing Manager
     Shimano American Corporation, (Fishing Tackle Division)
  • Brett, thank you for what you have done for me in our coaching. You have been one of the most impactful people in my professional career. Thank you again!
    Grayson D. Gill, Jr, Chief Operating Officer
    CBRE Asset Services
  • The personal leadership and business development strategies you shared with our group hit the mark for motivating us to higher performance.
    Kevin Kunkel, Regional Director 
    Sprint Corp. (Telecommunications)
  • You are an excellent ‘communicator.’  You hold the interest of 98 to 100% of your audience!”
    Rou deGravelles
    Rou deGravelles
  • Thank you so much for being our Super Hero last week!!  What a wonderful experience!  I only wish I could have remained for the training, others stated that the third day provided additional value.
    Beth Dodson
    Meridian Project System (software company)
  • You are just a little magic-maker.  She is singing your praises and feeling really quite good about herself and about her time she spent with you.  That is quite a good turnaround. (Regarding the results of coaching Dave’s direct report)
    Dave Pogue, Executive Vice President
    CBRE Group, Inc. (Commercial Real Estate)
  • I always look forward to getting a great dose of Brett Miles and his terrific and solid advice.  
    Jana Turner
    former President, Asset Services, CBRE Group, Inc. (Commercial Real Estate)
  • Brett is one of the best guys, finest trainers, and most inspirational speakers.
    Brian Tracy, CEO
    Brian Tracy International (professional speaker and personal development consultant)
  • Thank you once again for being such a master of guidance and thought leadership. I acknowledge I could not do this without you and am grateful that you have been placed in my professional career to help me make the leap to greatness.
    Elizabeth Cross
    CBRE Group, Inc.
  • When you’re dealing with customers in business, you’ve got to make sure they have an understanding of the solution so that they buy into the process
    Ed Matthews
    Honeywell Inc.